Town & Country Gravel & Aggregate Delivery Services

Our quarry produces many different types of crushed aggregate to suit a variety of project needs for both construction and maintenance. We have also added to our fleet a stone slinger for quarried products which contractors and the general public may hire for when the job calls for it.

Quarry Price List

All prices are per Metric Tonne at Quarry. Please call us for delivery prices.

Class A - Type 1 (3/4" minus) $11.85
Class C - Type 2 (2" minus) $11.65
Class E - (2-6") $11.35
1" Clear Stone $12.95
3" - 6" Clear Stone $12.25
Blast Rock $9.25
Fill $5.35

HST is extra on all prices.

*Please note that the prices shown above may be subject to change and actual prices at the Quarry are final.

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