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Town and Country offers Asphalt Paving as one of our summer services. We provide on every job the experience and the knowledge to produce a high quality product. Estimates are free and prompt when requested, as we pride ourselves in providing a top notch customer service experience for each and every client we serve.

Please take the time to view some of the completed projects, and educate yourself on Asphalt Paving and also the process of getting a paving project completed.

What is Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement?

Hot Mix (HMA) is a combination of approximately 95% stone, sand, or gravel bound together by Asphalt cement, a product of crude Oil. Asphalt cement is heated , combined and mixed with the aggregate at a HMA facility to produce Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement.

What is the procedure to prepare for Hot Mix Asphalt

The area considered for HMA treatment has to be assessed by a credible industry professional to determine it’s intended use once complete. This will determine the base structure needed to provide a lasting surface treatment. If the base is not strong enough to hold up the intended weight to be put on the surface it could result in damage to the Asphalt pavement after it is complete. Once the base requirements are determined and the area prepared , then it is ready for the HMA treatment.

What is the procedure for placing Hot Mix Asphalt

Hot Mix Asphalt is loaded onto trucks at your nearest HMA facility and trucked to the prepared site, it is then dependant on the areas size either spread by hand and raked into the desired area with Asphalt Lutes, Or dumped into a hopper in the front of a mechanical asphalt spreader and spread over the prepared area. The Placed HMA is then rolled with a Asphalt roller or rollers dependant on the area, which compacts it in place producing a finished HMA surface treatment.

How long do I stay off the Asphalt ?

Generally in road applications once the Asphalt is rolled and let cool It is opened up to traffic. In a parking lot or driveway scenario it is recommended to stay off the area for 3 – 5 days especially if the temps are above 20deg c as the short stops and turning will result in loosening the top and “marking” of the Asphalt. If it is necessary that you have to access or use the newly paved area right away, drive straight without turning and avoid parking on it for long periods of time. Also watering it with a garden hose after it is placed and compacted will help it harden faster.

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