Town & Country Roadways & Grading Services

Town and Country offers a grading service. We have the ability to grade just about any surface whether it be a private driveway, commercial roadway, pool pads for above ground pools, concrete flat work preparation and more!

Gravels are offered with this service as well if the service requires. A consultation and estimate can be done along with recommendations for surface drainage and gravel type required to ensure a proper job for the specific project requirements as every job is different and requires the knowledge to make it last.

Gravels will typically hold up quite well for driveways, parking lots and roadways if the surface drainage is positive, and directed off the surface. In these scenarios compaction is usually recommended to tighten up the surface and make it hard, and less susceptible to water penetration. This will ensure the maximum life of the gravel, and help with gravel displacement from regular usage.

If you require just gravels for your projects please see our Quarry section for gravel types and availlibility. You can call or book there for delivery.


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