Town & Country Snow & Winter Services

Our "Winter Works" services consist of snow plowing, snow load and haul, pushing snow back, as well as salting and sanding services. We shovel walkways, stairwells and commercial roofs and plow driveways, parking lots, and roadways (both commercial and private). We offer our services across the Mahone Bay, Lunenburg and Bridgewater areas.

As an experienced snow removal company we have many customers who rely on us every winter to help keep their parking lots and walkways safe and meet their diverse needs. We pride ourselves on being "on-time and hands-free", while providing quality snow removal and safety.

We are always the first on board when the snow happens and the last ones to leave. Our lots are never left incomplete, or half plowed, we stay until finished no matter how bad the storm gets.

Town and Country Property Improvements Ltd. have ample snow removal equipment from trackless sidewalk plows to large industrial loaders and backhoes. We also have snow pusher and snow scoop attachments for some of our equipment which reduces windrows behind parked cars and maximizes our equipment's productivity. This results in a timely and cost effective service for our customers. We also have a single axle salt truck which we use for our commercial customers that allows us to always have enough salt to give you a safe, ice free parking lot.

We have a monitoring service that includes periodic checks of your lot as well as radar and temperature monitoring to ensure we are on time every time with the proper equipment.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you.

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